Unmanned Vehicles

branding-droneACDi is excited about the growth and technology breakthroughs of the unmanned vehicles market, and we are the perfect fit to support this fast-growing industry. ACDi’s cultural focus on being an agile firm places us as a top choice for supporting air, sea and ground unmanned vehicle programs.


ACDi has the resources and experience to build unmanned vehicle products

  • Small Form Factors/Dense Designs
  • Micro BGAs, 0201 Placements
  • Flying Probe, Functional Testing
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Quick-Turn Prototyping
  • Product Engineering Services
  • Consignment or Turnkey
  • Contract Flowdowns
  • ACDi is a Small Business
  • FAA Registered

ACDi’s experience in complementary market sectors including government, defense and aerospace position us well to support the similar needs and requirements of the UV industry. In addition, our quick turn prototyping facilities and product design support prove valuable to our UV customers. Contact us today to discuss how ACDi can support your unmanned vehicle program.