Wire Harness & Cable Assembly

For over 30 years ACDi has specialized in the manufacture of a wide variety of wire harness assembly, cable assembly, and chassis units for commercial, industrial, military, and medical applications. ACDi is certified and listed by UL as a “Wiring Harnesses – Component” manufacturer.

Assembly/Processing Capabilities

  • Cutting – precise cut lengths using automated equipment for discrete wire, multi-conductor, single-conductor/hook-up wire and coaxial cable
  • Stripping – automated wire stripping from 4 AWG to 36 AWG for multi-conductor, single-conductor/hook-up wire and coaxial cable
  • Crimping – a combination of automatic, semi-automatic and hand tools to handle a wide variety of pin/wire combinations
  • IDC and modular crimping
  • Cable shielding – nylon/copper woven braid or tape
  • Wire bundling – heatshrink, woven braid, lace tying or cable ties
  • Form-board layouts
  • Wire twisting
  • Labels – custom labels printed on heat shrink tubing or self-adhesive wrap labels

Wire Harness and Cable Processing

ACDi utilizes automated wire processing equipment to measure, cut to length, strip and terminate discrete wires for standalone wire harnesses, as well as harnesses used in the final assembly of electromechanical chassis related assemblies and integrated box build products.

Our industry-recognized automated equipment can be programmed to:

  • Process discrete wires to custom lengths
  • Remove insulation totally or partially to specified dimensions
  • Crimp a wide variety of terminations utilizing in-line presses

We use multiple standalone bench presses for more unique non-standard custom terminals, military indented terminations, insulation displacement style termination, and splices. Additionally, ACDi manufactures complex multi-branched cable assemblies for multiple markets. We also have in-house capability for encapsulation and potting for resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

Process Controls

ACDi utilizes LEAN manufacturing principles during the assembly stage. Our engineers work with the customer documentation to develop detailed Manufacturing Work Instructions (MWIs) including process visual aides and tooling/fixtures that will allow the operators to perform assembly verification throughout the process. Belt-driven conveyors are used for in-line one piece flow for large scale chassis units fully assembled, tested, hi-potted, and loaded onto skids at the end of the line for direct transfer to shipping.


Wire Harness & Cable Testing Services

ACDi offers specialized testing services as part of our overall agility to provide a complete package for harness and cabling solutions. We perform 100% in-house wire harness/cable testing incorporating Cirrus Harness Test Systems with customized interface tooling as required. Testing solutions are designed to verify continuity, opens, shorts, insulation resistance, passive components and hi-pot testing to ensure compliance with customer specifications.

Quality Assurance

ACDi’s Quality Management System (QMS) is AS9100 / ISO 9001 certified and 10CFR50 Appendix B NQA-1 complaint for the manufacture of Safety Related Nuclear products. ACDi provides in-house training and certification to meet IPC 610, J-STD-001 and IPC/WHMA-A-620 workmanship standards. All wire harness and cable products are subject to 100% inspection, test, and verification to ensure compliance with customer specifications prior to shipment.