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Our goal is to be the most flexible manufacturing firm our clients have ever worked with.

“Our roots are in the design world where life can be fluid and changing right up until the moment you go to fab. We learned how to manage ‘chaos’ on critical schedules, and we brought that philosophy into our manufacturing business.” Nicole Moreland, Senior Director of Sales



We know our clients depend on ACDi to hit schedules. We’ve built our entire company around this fact.

“Sense of Urgency: Be self-motivated to complete tasks accurately and quickly. Our customers and co-workers depend on it” From ACDi’s Fundamental Success Factors

Medical and Life Sciences

Quality Policy

We have a solid reputation because of our commitment to quality and to delivering reliable, functional product.

“ACDi’s structure allows for a collaborative client/supplier effort from design for manufacturability to in-line process improvements through excellent program management and access to input from highly trained assembly technicians.” ACDi Client, Medical Device Firm



To be an integral resource for our client partners providing dynamic manufacturing, engineering and design expertise and maximum ROI to ensure our mutual success.