Before you can begin assembly of your printed circuit boards, you first need to get it through the PCB design and layout process. ACDi knows that getting an electronic device through production is hard work. We get it. We believe you deserve a true collaborator that will work with you through each phase of your project. For over 40 years, we’ve helped clients get over 11,000 projects from a CAD drawing to a real-world product.

Utilizing client specifications, ACDi provides layout and design services through the use of the latest tools and standards in the industry. In addition, ACDi’s PCB design team provides the added benefits from design for manufacturability (DFM), design for assembly (DFA), design for test (DFT) and design for cost (DFC) to further validate designs and prevent delays during production.

To get started with your PCB layout project, we will need the following documentation:

  • Schematic
  • Bill of Material (.xls)
  • Netlist (.asc, .schdoc, [pstchip, pstnet, pstprt])
  • Layout Software Preference

PCB Layout Strengths

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA), Design for Test (DFT), Design for Cost (DFC)
  • High Speed Digital Designs
  • Multiple Layers – 26+
  • Low EMI Designs for Sensitive Applications
  • High Frequency, RF Designs
  • Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex
  • 01005 to 0201 Component Sizes
  • BGAs, Micro BGAs, Part on Part
  • Stacked, Blind, and Buried Vias
  • Power Supply
  • Dense Form Factors
  • DDR4 Memory
  • Analog Designs

PCB Layout Design Tools

  • Mentor PADS
  • Altium
  • Mentor Expedition
  • Cadence Allegro
  • Polar Speedstack
  • Valor NPI
  • OrCAD
  • BluePrint PCB

For more information on our PCB layout and design capabilities, download the PDF.

Printed Circuit Board Layout Services & Capabilities