Device Lead Times Affected by February 2, 2016 Taiwan Earthquake

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Our distributors work hard to keep us informed to ensure our customers can plan and meet demand for their products. Unfortunately, due to the recent earthquake, the impact on the supply chain is going to be greater than was originally thought.

Arrow Electronics has informed ACDi that the following items will be affected, and are now listed at an 18-week lead time. The manufacturers will be working with a sense of urgency to implement their disaster recovery plans and replenish inventory, but believe that these delays will impact supply through 2Q2016 and some may be affected into 3Q2016.

Per Arrow’s notification to ACDi:

Device types with the greatest impact:

  • Stratix IV GX230 & GT530
  • Cyclone IV GX30, GX50, GX75, GX110, GX150
  • Cyclone III 3C40, 3C55, 3C120
  • Cyclone II 2C8, 2C35
  • Arria II 2AGX260 & 2AGX190

The impact to other device types are less severe:

  • Cyclone II 2C50
  • Cyclone III 3C10, 3C16, 3C25, 3C80
  • Arria II 2AGX125
  • Stratix IV 4SGX360, 4SGX530

Arrow will be working with ACDi to pull in lead times as supply increases from the manufacturers catching up on production.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager and/or project managers here at ACDi with any questions, or for assistance with placing orders in advance for the longer lead items.



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