5 Reasons Why Vertical Integration Translates to a Better Product

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A vertical integration strategy, like the one ACDi has built its electronic manufacturing service offerings around, partners with our clients through the entire product lifecycle, for which there are many benefits. In some cases our clients require us to conceptualize and help design a product, before manufacturing, testing and shipping. Having a full-service, end-to-end provider has enabled many clients to produce a better product than if they had spread the project over multiple suppliers.

Here are 5 reasons vertical integration worked for them.

  1. Intimate Knowledge of the Product: as a one-stop shop for full product lifecycle management, all details, intricacies and accountability are centrally housed in the same organization. This means the client gets more accurate answers faster without the delays of typical communication channels.
  2. Investment in and Commitment to Product Success: start to finish, conceptualization to execution, ACDi team members become professionally and personally invested in the process. As a vertically integrated EMS provider, ACDi team members—from business development directors, to engineers, to project managers, to component buyers—are dedicated to the successful delivery of the highest quality product for our clients. We are not only accountable to our clients, but also to each other.
  3. Collaboration Increases Quality: cohesive communication through the product lifecycle means that the engineering team, PCB designers, supply chain, manufacturing and test personnel are all collaborating to discover and mitigate any design for manufacturability (DFM), design for assembly (DFA), and supply chain concerns are before a project is released. Ultimately, the client achieves a higher level of quality than disparate EMS suppliers.
  4. Simplified Configuration Management: with a one-stop shop for your electronics manufacturing project, files aren’t changing hands resulting in multiple opportunities for errors to occur. With ACDi’s vertical integration, files are all managed internally by our engineering product services (EPS) team to control revision levels.
  5. Material Planning Management: with a coordinated effort across departments, a vertically integrated PCB project has higher visibility into the supply chain that reduces end-of-life (EoL)/obsolescence issues, long lead times and potential material sourcing issues. Why is this important to our clients? Because it results in faster time-to-market and higher ROI.

In our 30+ years of being in business, ACDi has the history and track record to make the case for vertically integrating the design and production of your electronics product. To learn more about our PCB layout services team in the Washington, DC metro area, our electronics manufacturing facilities in both Maryland and North Carolina and how ACDi’s vertical integration strategy can help you with your next EMS endeavor, call us at 301-620-0900 or email intouch@acdi.com.

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