A Look to the Past, A Look to the Future of ACDi

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December is an excellent time to reflect on the work of the previous year and commit to being even better in the upcoming year.

This has been an important year for ACDi and the projects we’ve worked on reflect our passion, our mission, and our values. What we do day-in and day-out has a lasting, meaningful impact across many industries and in the lives of everyday people.

Over 2018, ACDi worked with our partners to: 

  • Create a seismic measuring system that helps people from getting stuck in elevators during an earthquake
  • Defend our nation by helping to build gun turrets for tanks, communication systems for troops, and military avionics
  • Help law enforcement deter terrorism with data collection and analysis systems
  • Keep drinking water safe in cities across the country by helping manufacture water purification and testing systems
  • Aid patients who are recovering from debilitating injuries with an invaluable medical device built at our facility
  • Ensure buildings are safer, thanks to the creation of secure access systems
  • Allow offices around the world to operate more efficiently by building reliable cables for copier systems
  • Support NASA programs with communications systems that converse with launched shuttles

With projects like these, you can see why we take so much pride in the work that we do. We approach each project understanding that achieving the highest quality possible is required for every step of the electronics manufacturing process, because these projects help keep our country and people around the world safe, secure, and free.

ACDi is more than just a contract manufacturer. 

ACDi has always been more than just a contract manufacturer. We take pride in being an extension of every company that chooses to partner with us. That’s because we are invested in more than the parts we create. We are more than just the circuits we assemble. We go beyond just building the box. Our part in your product doesn’t end when we complete the pieces you need. At ACDi, we take the same pride in creating your systems as you would if you were doing it yourself, and we are just as dedicated to ensuring your success as you would be. We take pride in working through every detail of the electronics manufacturing process, including printed circuit board layout, to deliver a final product that will not only meet our partners’ requirements but exceed their expectations.

Because we work so closely with every partner, we understand the need for agility and speed without sacrificing quality. We start by staffing our team with industry experts who can offer solutions to your challenging design and product development issues. Our team is laser-focused on the needs of our partners and are always ready to offer program-level insights and management support. From the layout team to the shipping department, ACDi stresses to our employees to embrace the jobs we do every day with purpose.

Looking to the New Year

As technology develops, the needs of the market are going to put new and unprecedented pressure on the manufacturing industry. Devices are getting more complex and restrictions and regulations are becoming stricter. No matter what challenges 2019 brings, ACDi will continue to grow our commitment to client satisfaction and quality.

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