The ACDi Difference

As a manufacturing firm, ACDi’s biggest differentiator is our people. We’re here to do more than simply build your “widget”. Our people focus on our client needs and offer program-level insights and management support. Our people are industry experts who can offer solutions to your challenging design and product development issues. We are passionate about hitting customer delivery schedules and exceeding expectations. Everything we do, we do because it leads to manufacturing a better and more reliable product.

What we do day-in and day-out impacts industries across diverse markets and lives of people across the country and around the world. At ACDi we build seismic measuring systems which help keep people safe in elevators during an earthquake; we aid in the defense and security of our nation by providing high tech electronics used in military applications, communication systems for troops, and military avionics; we support NASA and Space Exploration programs with communications systems that converse with launched vehicles. We approach each project understanding that achieving the highest quality possible is required for every step of the electronics design, engineering, and manufacturing process.

At ACDi, we’re advancing lives through technology, electronics, and innovation.

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