The Many Hats of an Electronics Manufacturing Services Project Manager

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Computer Manufacturing Technology

Talk about multi-tasking! An ACDi project manager’s job involves all of the major disciplines of electronic manufacturing services with a side of sales, proposal writing, account management, accounting and team building. This position is challenging for even the most seasoned EMS veterans and that’s why we only hire the best. At ACDi, your project manager is essentially an extension of your company’s business and a bridge to the manufacturing, design and engineering services throughout the EMS process.

Our project managers facilitate seamless communications and workflow. They will work together with your company to learn about your requirements and understand the nuances of your product. This includes everything from the technical details to the details of your end customer. ACDi project managers’ main goal are to provide you and your company with a consistent bridge to ACDi’s unique set of services.

A day in the life of an EMS project manager can run the gambit, perhaps starting off with a new circuit card design that requires layout with ACDi’s design group, or an existing program requiring a RFQ for a forecasted demand. Or possibly implementing and overseeing a product change dictated by your engineering team, or booking a new order for a current OEM demand. All of that while sometimes overseeing your company’s hot new design, ensuring an on-time delivery for that upcoming trade show. Meeting all these challenges, frequently at the same time, requires the project manager to engage and manage the various ACDi disciplines to meet your company’s design, engineering and manufacturing challenges and deadlines.

The ACDi project manager has an incredible support staff and the right tools to accomplish all these tasks and more, starting with our experienced design services, working together with our manufacturing engineering professionals to ensure a well laid out circuit card or system assembly, not only designed with your electrical requirements in mind, but also easily manufactured and reproducible. ACDi’s engineering product services (EPS) and buyers are not only experienced but agile and easily aligned to multiple priorities as well as problem solvers working together with the project manager to ensure ACDi meets our customers’ commitments. Once the product is designed, the documents controlled, and all the material is purchased, inspected and stocked, ACDi’s manufacturing and quality teams are now engaged to build your requirements with the tools, equipment and resources required to make it happen.

In the background your project manager may also be overseeing your component inventory levels, reviewing the life cycle of these various components, offering alternatives when supply is limited and/or notifying you and your team of an upcoming last-time buy on a critical component. At the same time, we are resolving quality, capacity or configuration issues internally or, when required, working together with your team to ultimately resolve and keep communication and your product flowing smoothly. All in the day of a life of your ACDi project manager.

Have an electronics manufacturing project that you want handled by a professional? Contact us today to learn more about ACDi’s services and get paired with one of our expert project managers.



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