Working with ACDi: FAQs

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As you search for an electronics manufacturing partner, it’s important to ask questions about the services they offer, their particular processes, and how they work with their clients. To find the perfect fit for what you need, we’ve compiled a list of top questions and answers to help you determine if ACDi is the right […]

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Five Things to Know About Return Materials Authorization

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Return Materials Authorization (RMA) in Electronics Manufacturing

As any good project manager knows, things can sometimes stray from the plan. There’s a possibility for mistakes even when you’ve done everything exactly right. That’s why it’s important to have a contingency plan in place for such an occasion—so project managers can know exactly what to expect and adjust schedules accordingly. This is the […]

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Surface Mount Technology vs. Through Hole Mount Technology

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Electronics Manufacturing Quality Control

Prior to surface mount technology (SMT) being available, electronic components were placed on boards with what is now referred to as through hole mounting (THM). This was done either by soldering the components to a PCB or by using wire wrap mounting techniques.  There are however times where though-hole components should still be used. Benefits […]

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Zen and the Art of Soldering in Electronics Manufacturing

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Soldering Electronics Manufacturing

Zen is an ancient Japanese word describing a sect of Buddhism that emphasizes the importance of meditation and self-reflection, in order to reach enlightenment. After these Buddhist concepts became popularized in the West, the word transformed into a modern meaning, often describing feelings of peacefulness, calmness, and serenity. When you hear the word ‘Zen’ today, […]

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