Our Culture

ACDi believes our culture is just as important as our capabilities. That’s why we have focused on creating a culture that encourages our employees to take ownership of every opportunity to contribute positively for our customers, our company, our community and towards their own development. To guide us in this effort, ACDi created a list of “Fundamental Success Factors”.

We work hard, but we also know how to play hard and have fun. Here are some of our extra-curricular activities:

  • Business casual dress code
  • All-hands meetings
  • Culture committee
  • On-the-job training opportunities
  • Company picnic
  • Holiday parties
  • BBQs
  • 2 annual charity golf tournaments
  • Food drives
  • Numerous community volunteer opportunities
  • Pot luck lunches

Read below to learn more and to hear from some of our employees.

Our Fundamentals

Fundamental Success Factors

Accountability – Taking responsibility for your own actions, comments and contributions in every situation. If you made a mistake, admit it – then work towards a solution.

Sense of  Urgency – Be self-motivated to complete tasks accurately and quickly. Our customers and co-workers depend on your personal contribution and positive “can-do” attitude.

Agility – Our goal is to be the most agile organization in the markets served. Look for options and creative solutions in new and challenging situations.

Communication – Keep interactions concise and to the point. Productive conflict is encouraged and healthy to our relationships with one another. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Respect the chain of command.

Proactive – Anticipate, analyze and plan. Control situations by causing things to happen rather than waiting to respond after things happen.

Industry Expert – Deliver superior product or service through cutting-edge uniqueness, expertise and superior competency.

Passionate – Be passionate about your job, product and service. This in turn creates a positive energy we bring to our clients, co-workers and suppliers.

Team Oriented – Collaboratively work with others in the interest of group success. Respect and appreciate the contributions of other team members.

Employee Testimonials


“ACDI is a great company to work for. The knowledgeable ACDi management team always strives for continuous improvement. Our focus is “Total Customer Satisfaction”.” ~ Xretha Hall, NC Project Manager


“After graduating college I found myself still unsure of the career path that was right for me. Hearing about an opening at ACDi, I applied and was hired for the stockroom. Working for ACDi allowed me the opportunity to move to the position of stockroom supervisor when my boss was promoted and then again to Project Manager.  I find that working at ACDi provides me continuous learning opportunities for personal and occupational growth. ACDi provides a great environment and opportunity to those who wish to achieve greater goals.” ~Dustin Knox, MD Project Manager

Tim Miller

“What impresses me the most about ACDi is the management team in how they are genuine about growing the company and its team of employees. In my tenure with the company, I’ve had the opportunity to continuously learn, grow and develop through the projects I’ve worked on, the positions I’ve held and the responsibilities I have. I am grateful to be part of a team that sees individual talents and combines them in a way that makes everyone successful.” ~Tim Miller, Operations Manager, NC