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Start a New Project with ACDi

We know there are a lot of moving parts when starting out a new electronic design or manufacturing project. And, we also know that you might need some idea on program costs in order to finalize your program budget BEFORE all the data is finalized. AND, we know that sometimes you need some help with defining all of the specifications for your program. We’re here to help.

Below is a guideline of the information needed in order for ACDi to provide a complete and accurate quote for your project. Of course the more information you can provide the more accurate a quote we can give. However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you only have some of the data listed as we can work together to provide a budgetary proposal. Contact us to speak with ACDi’s technical team for suggestions on some of those undefined parameters to ensure manufacturing and design best practices.

Product Engineering Support

  • Critical Functionality Requirements
  • Weight/Mechanical Requirements
  • Power Requirements
  • Interface Requirements
  • Certification/Qualification Requirements

PCB Layout

  • Schematics, .pdf version preferred
  • Netlist, native format preferred
  • BOM, .xls format preferred
  • Datasheets for active components
  • Statement of work/any specific design instructions (i.e. pre-placed components)
  • Mechanical dimensions, .pdf version preferred
  • Documentation notes (i.e. Board material, finish, RoHS vs. Non-RoHS)

Board-level Manufacturing

  • Gerber files
  • BOM with complete manufacturer and manufacturing part numbers, .xls format preferred
  • Fabrication drawing
  • Assembly drawing
  • Panel/Array drawing
  • Specify RoHS or non-RoHS build
  • Specify IPC Class 2 or Class 3 specifications
  • .ascii output file from CAD database – required for pick & place and inspection equipment
  • Specify turn-key or labor-only quote request
  • Specify quantity needed built
  • Specify test Requirements
  • Specify wash preference (i.e. no clean, water soluble)
  • Reference/Sample Board, if available

Box-level Manufacturing

  • BOM detailing part numbers and source manufacturers (if applicable), .xls format preferred
  • Source drawings/files for custom mechanical parts
  • Assembly drawing for system-level build
  • Specify test requirements
  • Reference/Sample System, if available
  • Specify turn-key or labor-only quote request
  • Specify quantity needed built

Downloadable Documents

Here are a couple of documents we hope you find helpful.
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