Getting to Know Bill McGrady, PCB Layout Services Team Member

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Bill McGrady is one of ACDi’s top engineers. Before coming to ACDi he worked at Orbital for 27 years as a PCB designer on everything from Class 3 to Class 3A specification aerospace products including the space telescope Dawn (which went out to Ceres and on to Vesta) and the resupplying the space station project.

At ACDi, Bill works with multiple softwares including Cadence Allegro, Cadence Concept Schematic Capture, OrCad Capture, Pads Designer and Altium Designer to design PCBs. After arriving at ACDi Bill has seen first hand the vast levels of design that ACDi creates and is always working toward mastering the skills required to cover almost every aspect of the design process including RF, HS, and analog.

Bill is most proud of a board that ACDi did for a company that was delving into the world of Class 3 and Class 3A designs. They greatly appreciated ACDi’s level of expertise on the boards that they needed produced. He also likes working on the medical products knowing that the cards he is designing need to be top notch and meet all the requirements of medical equipment when they are being used in hospitals to save lives.

Bill likes to solve problems for clients by layering stackups, fixing placement issues, and completing card stackups within a full box assembly.

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