Getting to Know Dustin, EMS Project Manager

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With a background in business administration and an understanding of the positive economic impact a job well done can have on supplier, manufacturer, and end user alike, ACDi Project Manager Dustin Knox is responsible for the care and maintenance of 2 major accounts, and as many as 35 individual clients. Dustin has proven expertise in SMT setup, shipping and receiving, and stockroom management and has long demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Describe the most complex project you’ve managed.

DK:      The most complex project I worked on was an intricate box build. We designed and built the assembly basically from scratch. After testing, the assembly was then redesigned to improve functionality. Then we built the new assembly and mechanical level system. It was the first time the mechanical level system was built, so there were minor issues that had to be worked out with hardware placement and torque requirements before it could be completed. In the end we delivered a product to our client that exceeded their expectations.

Describe a time you solved a particularly tough problem for a client.

DK: A client placed an order for a standard-turn assembly. We purchased all of the components while we waited for them to finish their board design. Because the board design took longer than expected we ended up having to change the standard turn into a 3-day fabrication turn and a 5-day assembly turn. Unfortunately, the fab house missed their delivery to us. ACDi ended up having to assemble a fairly complex board in 2 days—including a Saturday—so we were still able to hit our client’s deadline date.

Dustin has an Associate’s degree from Frederick Community College in Business Administration, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics from McDaniel College. In his spare time, Dustin enjoys spending time with family and playing softball in the summer.

Learn more about Dustin Knox, and about how ACDi can meet and exceed your electronics manufacturing needs.

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