ACDi Announces Corporate Headquarters Move and Reveals New Logo and Branding

February 28, 2017
Electronics Manufacturer in Maryland

Leading electronics manufacturing services firm ACDi today announced their move to a new, more streamlined facility in Frederick, Maryland. In addition to the move, ACDi announced that they have updated their logo and branding to reflect their forward progress as a company.

While the new facility at 7435 New Technology Way, Ste A is only a few miles from their previous location, the modernization and efficiency of the new facility positions ACDi for Industry 4.0 improvements, helping them evolve into a smart factory. “The choice of a new facility allows for the redesign of our production floor to improve manufacturing flow throughout the electronics manufacturing process,” explains Gabriel Kenny, Chief Operating Officer at ACDi. Phone, fax and email addresses will remain the same and the company’s North Carolina facility will not be affected by the move.

In parallel with the move, the company took advantage of the timing to evolve ACDi’s branding, previously designed in 1999. ACDi’s new logo is fresher, with a more high-tech look and feel, and features a brighter color palette that helps to communicate the company’s “in touch with technology” tagline. ACDi’s new visual identity will be rolled out over the next couple weeks.

“The move has provided us with the perfect opportunity to modernize our facilities, but also our brand,” said Bill Hornbaker, President and CEO of ACDi. “We expect the modernization of our corporate headquarters and the transition of manufacturing to Industry 4.0 to lead to streamlined process flow, improved resource utilization and clear cost savings. This will allow us to be more efficient and provide a better experience for our clients.”

Industry 4.0 merges real production with the virtual world. This offers many unique benefits for manufacturers and their customers including shorter production times, real-time incorporation of customer needs, automatic filling of orders and the automatic performance of most maintenance. This creates what is known as a Smart Factory. Industry 4.0 encompasses a wide variety of technologies ranging from 3D printing to robotics, new materials and production systems.

You can read the full press release here.