ACDi Announces Hiring of New Printed Circuit Board Design Engineer, Chuck Bird

September 25, 2017

Chuck Bird ACDi PCB DesignerAs a manufacturing firm, ACDi’s biggest differentiator is their people. With the growth of the electronics and IoT industries, ACDi is proud to announce the hiring of an additional printed circuit board designer, Charles (Chuck) Bird. ACDi prides themselves on hiring industry experts who can offer solutions to your challenging design and product development issues.

Mr. Bird joins ACDi with over 29 years’ experience in the industry. The majority of his career has been with Hughes Network Systems where he started as a Technician and was promoted to Designer 2. He is a graduate of Penn Technical Institute as an Associate in Specialized Technology (Electronics), Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

“It’s exciting to be part of the ACDi team,” said Mr. Bird. “I believe my skills in PCB design, manufacturing and product management will be put to good use.”

The ACDi team is excited to have another highly qualified circuit board designer as a part of their team.