ACDi Expands Test Engineering Staff

March 4, 2014

 In 2014, ACDi has added two additional test engineers to support its growing test services and capabilities.   The goal through enhanced Test procedures and capabilities is to provide the most efficient and cost effective means of production possible.   “The addition of the test engineers is in support of ACDi’s commitment and focus to deliver compliant, highly reliable, premium quality product to its customers” explains Gabriel Kenny, COO.

ACDi's newest addition to our Test Department Atiq and Lana

ACDi’s newest addition to our Test Department Atiq and Lana

Svetlana (Lana) Arshavsky joined the ACDi team in January of this year bringing extensive knowledge and expertise with thirteen years of experience in various focus areas including, design, development, and characterization of semiconductor devices, MATLAB simulations, writing LabVIEW programs, and VLSI design.

Ms. Arshavsky obtained her Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology focusing on microelectronics and VLSI.

Her experience with design and implementation of manual and automatic test programs, development of electrical tools software for power station simulators, and knowledge and development of a configuration management system using SQL, lend Ms. Archavsky to be a very valuable asset to the expansion of the testing department.

The latest addition to the ACDi team is Atiq Ahmad, a 2010 graduate with his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Pakistan, focusing in Electronics Engineering. Mr. Ahmad has gained experience in diagnosing test problems through work as a services engineer and planning engineer. His knowledge of ICT, JTAG, and Flying Probe testing will help to ensure the testability and manufacturability of ACDi’s products, providing only the best services and experience to customers.

The Test team starts the initial process validation at ACDi that is confirmed by sending the populated PCB through an Automated Optic Inspection (AOI) station to verify component presence, placement, orientation, and soldering. Once 100% AOI has been performed on both sides of the board, for lower volume high complexity PCBs, the assembly is then subjected to Flying Probe Testing which electrically verifies correct part placement as well as assists in isolating any electrical faults and defects within the board. This again ensures product validation by capturing and identifying any potential failure not related to manufacturability, but instead due to a faulty component. The advantage of Flying Probe is to capture and prevent any potentially defective products from entering final production as well as expedite the diagnostic troubleshooting process when necessary. This early fault and defect identification leads to faster turn around time and ultimately less expense to the customer.

Development of testing programs using Flying Probe establishes a congruent method for the customer and ACDi to measure acceptability and judge the manufacturing quality of the PCBs, as well as ensure valid, high reliability functional test results.

In addition to Flying Probe, ACDi offers In-circuit Test (ICT) capability through both Teradyne TS-2400 and HP 3070 Test platforms. Utilization of In-Circuit testers in higher volume applications is fundamental to early defect detection, while supporting ACDI’s zero defect policy and providing low cost Test solutions. Critical to effective ICT Test development is the inclusion of ACDi Engineering services early in the product design process to ensure maximized nodal access as well as incorporation of standard ICT Design for Testability (DFT) guidelines. Again for high volume applications, there is no faster, more efficient process control and electrical Test process than ICT.

Finally, coupling either Flying Probe or In-circuit testing with an effective final functional test offers the most comprehensive, combined highest percentage coverage Test solution for applicable high reliability customer product. Additionally, ACDi’s experienced and versatile Test Team is able to provide final Functional test design and development hardware and software solutions. Different functional and systems test strategies can be evaluated and incorporated such as Hot-Mockups and Built In Self-Test, rack & stack platforms, programming of MAC, serialization and Vital Product Data (VPD).

As an EMS provider supporting multiple product and market segments, ACDi realizes the significance and need to provide varied Test strategies and options depending on specific customer product requirements, and continues expansion of its services and capabilities to meet customers’ needs.