ACDi, a Washington, DC area Electronics Manufacturer, Announces the Hiring of A New Printed Circuit Board Design Engineer

August 16, 2017

As the electronics industry continuously evolves at a fast pace, ACDi recognizes the importance of recruiting new talent with fresh ideas. With that approach, ACDi announces the hiring of Priya Sherke as our newest printed circuit board design engineer.

Ms. Sherke has spent the past five years with progressive growth at Sanstar Microsystems in Nagpur, India where she was responsible for PCB design, switching mode power supply design, security systems design and technical support for process and field instruments. She is also skilled in testing, and analysis of SMPS, as well as project co-ordination. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from Nagpur University and earned a diploma in software testing from SEED Infotech.

“I’m very excited to join ACDi,” said Ms. Sherke. “I feel like I can learn a lot from the team that has been designing for so long and look forward to adding value to the PCB layout services we offer.”