Meet Theresa Lang, EMS Project Manager

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With proven expertise in project management, manufacturing, and planning, ACDi Project Manager Theresa Lang is one of our client-facing project managers, responsible for 3 key major accounts, while also interfacing with as many as 12 clients at any given time.

How did you begin your career in electronics manufacturing?

 TL: To start my career, I worked at STMicroelectronics for almost 25 years, primarily in test and assembly management. After that, I spent 6 years in telecommunications at JDS Uniphase and AVANEX in manufacturing and quality roles. And now for the last 6 years I have been working in electronics manufacturing services as a project manager.

Describe the most complex project you’ve managed.

TL: The biggest challenges are box builds. As an EMS provider, when we receive an order for new upper-level integrations, it’s not unusual for ACDi to inherit these types of builds directly from the OEM. The technical data package (BOMs & drawings) typically aren’t vetted, for lack of a better term; and inevitably there’s a very tight timeline to complete these builds and at times with DPAS ratings.

The challenge usually comes when we assemble to the OEM documentation for the first time, and realize there are process steps, components and dimensional issues, etc. which aren’t clearly defined, or completed using “tribal knowledge” at the OEM site. This is where as a project manager I have to rely not only on the ACDi team but the customer’s team to arrive at the best solution, with the shortest implementation and lowest cost.

Describe a time you solved a particularly tough problem for a client.

TL: When faced with an upper-level integration for a new client who virtually had no documentation for the PWB files, BOMs, metal fab components; no drawings or instructions for system assembly or test; with a tight timeline and significant volume, the ACDi team worked with the customer and our suppliers to develop the type of documentation required to source, build and test these systems while meeting the customer’s delivery expectation. It took another month or so working with the customer and leveraging our in-house design/layout expertise, as well as the manufacturing team to totally document the systems, PWBs and components while reducing the customer’s lead time and costs.

Theresa Lang has an Associates degree from Delaware Community College in Computer Science, and outside of ACDi enjoys making her new house a home, reading, going to flea markets, and traveling.

Learn more about Theresa Lang, and about how ACDi can meet and exceed all of your electronics manufacturing needs.


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