Need Your Electronics Manufacturing Project Quoted Quickly? Hint: Provide Complete Documentation

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If you need your electronics manufacturing project quote quickly, the key is to provide a complete technical data package (TDP). This article will explore what a complete TDP looks like for a variety of electronics manufacturing deliverables.  If you need help putting any of this information together, contact us and our sales and technical staff can assist you. ACDi can also assist in developing any missing documents required.

General Manufacturing Requirements

Generally these requirements will be in the documentation package provided, but be sure to identify any of these requirements if not already captured:

  • IPC-A-610 Class II or Class III
  • ITAR
  • RoHS
  • Any special solder or flux

PCB Layout

To quote a PCB layout accurately, a minimum of a schematic, bill of materials (BOM), mechanical drawings/notes for size and space limitations, and notes on any special requirements need to be provided. 

BOM – The minimum required information is manufacturer, manufacturer part number, and reference designator. If it includes any uncommon parts, a footprint drawing, or source of supply would be appreciated but not required. The preferred format is Excel, but other formats can be used (adds time to quote turnaround).

Schematic – The schematic database is required.  ACDi supports ORCAD and Altium schematic capture packages. The filetypes that need to be provided are:

  • ORCAD:  pstchip, pstnet, pstprt
  • Altium:  .schdoc
  • Others:  .asc

Mechanical drawings:  If mechanical drawings have been prepared that show size, thickness, connector location, etc., provide them. If not, notes providing the information are acceptable.

Other information:  Any PCB assembly-specific requirements such as high-speed design, current draw, critical nets, RoHS, ITAR, and IPC Class II/III requirements, etc. should be provided. Additional information such as part numbers and board numbers are not needed to complete the quote but should also be included if available since they will be required to complete the design.

Turnkey PCB Assembly
In order to provide a quote for a turnkey printed circuit board (PCB) project, a complete data package is essential. A PCB assembly package includes the Gerber files (RS-274X format), ODB++ files, CAD files, drill drawings, NC drill files, pick and place file (X/Y coordinates), PCB stackup, PCB fabrication drawings,  panelization drawings, assembly drawing, and the BOM. The BOM needs to reference manufacturer, manufacturer part number, quantity, and reference designator. If the BOM references only customer assigned part numbers, be sure to include a cross reference to actual part numbers. 

For bare board fabrication, fab houses will inspect the documentation package and request any clarifications. Proper PCB designs include board material and thickness, copper weights, finish specs, IPC class, and RoHS requirements.

Note: if you are providing bare boards, ACDi will need a dimensioned array drawing.

Box-Build Electronics Assembly

If the box build uses PCB assembly then all the above from the turnkey PCB assembly would apply as well as assembly documentation for the next level(s). Be sure to include the mechanical BOM(s) in .xls format (preferred), and any metal fabricated drawings (.pdf, DXF) including .step file for all metal/plastic housing, covers, spacers, heat sinks, etc.

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Complete wire harness/cable assembly documentation is critical to a quick quote turn around. First and foremost, will be the inclusion of a BOM, whether it is part of the assembly drawing or a separate file, make sure it is complete with manufacturer part numbers, descriptions, and quantities. The second most important documentation is an assembly drawing. An assembly drawing typically includes a wiring diagram or schematic, dimensions, and notes that make it much easier to provide an accurate account of the labor that will be required to build the cable/wire harness.


ACDi has flying probe and functional test capabilities. Environmental tests are supported by third-party test houses. 

Flying probe testing requires at a minimum a BOM, library CAD data (ODB++ preferred, IPC356, ASCII acceptable) and a schematic (.pdf preferred).

Functional and environmental tests require a test procedure to quote, as well as an understanding of any test equipment and programmers that will be required, and what test equipment if any will be supplied to ACDi. If an automated test is provided, please also provide the test time based on the automated test.

For more information about any of ACDi’s electronics manufacturing services, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.