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ACDi is an agile Electronics Manufacturing Services firm located in MD & NC. Our focus is to bring added value to our clients by way of total program support for their manufacturing needs from concept to order fulfillment. Today we launched our new website and as the ‘owner’ of this project may I say – YIPPEE! I’m thrilled with the final result (not to mention having this major project checked off my list). In addition to a new website, this launch comes with a new blog and a new approach.

First, about our new website. It is a serious upgrade from our last. Not only does it look GREAT but it does a better job at telling the whole story about who ACDi is and what services we offer. I hope our current and future clients, employees and partners find it informative and helpful.

There are lots of people to thank for their hard work and contribution to the new website. Several employees helped with the content writing which was a huge undertaking. Others poured over countless photos to pick the perfect one. And there were more who obliged my requests to pose as I took 40 shots of a single scene to get one good one.

Special shout-out to my “Website Committee”, Bill, Gabe and Jeff. You three drove me crazy with your ‘try that font’ this and your “what about this photo” that… but your input helped create what I think is an awesome website.

And I can’t forget Helena and her team at Matrix Group who developed a super cool design! Seriously guys – we LOVE it!

With the launch of our new website we’re also introducing our new blog. This is my first. If you can’t tell I had some fun writing this one, and I hope you enjoy reading this and future posts. Please come back!

As for our new approach…earlier this year ACDi introduced our Fundamental Success Factors company-wide. In short, it is a list of our company values. We’ve listed these on our new website in Our Culture section if you want to check them out. I mention this here because like our new website our new approach helps to better communicate what we’re all about.

So, whether you’ve just been introduced to ACDi or have worked with us for years, check us out at You may just find something new about us.

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