Product Engineering Support

Many of ACDi’s most successful clients started off with a great idea and an initial design then turned to ACDi to transform it into a product—and help them get it to market successfully.

Throughout all stages of the product life cycle, ACDi offers hardware engineering support and consulting services for any electronic or mechanical requirement, and we have access to experts in any technology field to ensure you have the best resources within your reach.

Product Engineering Support Highlights

  • Concept and Product Development
  • Custom Solutions
  • Product Evaluation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA), Design for Test (DFT)

Product Development Support Experience

  • COTS & Custom RF Products and Solutions from HF through SHF
  • Quick Reaction Product & System Development
  • Engineered Solutions from Concept to Production
  • RF/IF Design and Integration
    • Transceiver Modules
    • Up/Down Converter Modules
    • HF/VHF/UHF/SHF Receiver and Tuners
    • RF/IF Signal Distribution
  • PC Processing Platforms
  • DF and Geo-Location Systems
  • Embedded DSP/Digital Processing
  • Algorithms and Processing
  • End-to-End System Engineering Analysis and Design
  • Highly Experienced in Program and Technical Management