Rework Services

Electronics Rework Services ACDi ACDi’s engineering and production teams provide quick-turn rework services to meet various support requirements ranging from post-warranty reworks to complete rework depot services. With a dedicated rework station and specially trained staff, ACDi focuses on troubleshooting, removal and replacement, and X-ray services for BGAs, QFNs and fine-pitch components.

We use two processes to execute the rework procedure: reflowing or removal/replacement. Reflowing is considered most appropriate if insufficient solder has been applied, or there are places missing solder altogether. Removal/replacement would require the removal of the component that was originally placed followed by the placement of a new component.

ACDi recommends use of an AOI or X-ray machine to qualify the work done and to determine the conformance level of the rework. The focus of rework should always be to create an end product that does not differ from the original specifications of the client.

Top 5 Must Haves For Rework