Systems Integration

System Integration Services ACDi As your systems integrator, ACDi will ensure a final product that meets functional requirements and quality standards.

We remain ever vigilant in the handling of procurement, warehousing, manufacturing and final goods packaging and shipping for our clients. From printed circuit assemblies to multi-level box builds, the ACDi team has the experience to fully integrate your systems and prepare them for market.

Systems Integration Capabilities

  • ACDi offers final configuration, kitting and custom packaging services for all product types including military, medical and commercial
  • Our project management and materials teams assist with sourcing options for custom packaging, product literature and manuals, UL approval and product labels
  • ACDi has the space across two plants to warehouse all raw, finished goods and custom packaging materials
  • ACDi’s order fulfillment services are seamless to the end user; packing lists and notifications are included within the client’s templates
  • Configuration tracking is performed by ACDi staff according to client-specific requirements
  • ACDi can use in-house systems or log on to client databases to perform a number of order fulfillment support tasks
  • ACDi’s project management team can help with overall product planning by reviewing past order history against client forecasts, make recommendations for build quantities