Key Engineering Specifications That Your PCB Fabrication Drawing Must Include

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PCB Fab Must Haves

Fabrication data packages that have been designed for efficiency and cost savings during production are key to the final product having the best functionality and long-lasting quality. As board surface area decreases, and fine-pitch components are placed, different materials, instructions and specs help to clarify the fabrication process.

A Quality Fabrication Drawing Supports the Manufacturing Process

A fabrication (fab) drawing serves as the leading reference document for specifications and customer quality requirements during the production of printed circuit boards. The fab drawing travels with product through the entire quoting and manufacturing process from the fab house to receiving inspection at your EMS provider. Notes contained within the fab drawing list information that is key to accurate quoting and fabrication. These notes call out items such as board dimensions, material type, finish, copper weight, class, overall board thickness, solder mask and silkscreen information.

How Does This Impact Your Bottom Line?

During the quoting stages, preliminary information, like board dimensions, material type, finish, copper weight, class, overall board thickness, solder mask and silkscreen information, allow fab houses to generate a preliminary quote, even while Gerbers and CAD data may not yet be created. By having these notes (that become the notes on the fab drawing), pricing information can be provided to allow for adjustments and management of expectations early in the design phases. The earlier those changes can be made the less cost impact there will be to the client.

Once a purchase order is received and the EMS provider requests the PCBs from the fab house, the notes support the production process and are supplemental to the final Gerber and board data package. Any clarifications that are required for the fab house during production can place the PCBs on hold, causing costly delays and missed deadlines.

Communication between EMS partners and their customers is key to achieving the highest quality product.

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