EMS Project Manager Sophie Xiong Brings International Expertise to ACDi

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Sophie Xiong brings to ACDi and its OEM clients proven expertise in planning, technical support, and customer service that stems from a background in administration and electronics procurement. With business acumen developed over 15 years working for international organizations in China, Australia, and the United States — and having spent 5+ years at a world leader in electronics contract manufacturing, serving the medical, aerospace and consumer market sectors — Sophie regularly manages the efforts of 3 major accounts, and as many as 12 individual clients.

Describe the most complex project you’ve managed.

Sophie Xiong: I was once tasked with reviving an old multi-layer box-build project. Some of the layers contained documentation that was out-of-date and some layers lacked any documentation at all. I worked with my planning/material department to analyze the BOM structure (making it simpler to follow from material and production standpoints), analyzed component life cycles, and provided the client a report with suggestions for improvement including up-to-date AVLs intended to help meet the demand for future development.

In addition to the lack of appropriate layer documentation, a few sub-assemblies didn’t have assembly drawings, and one was missing detailed instructions. My team and I were able to work from silk screens to produce the missing drawings, and with the client’s assistance, synthesized work instructions to match all components and steps. While doing this we found and corrected a few discrepancies that our client was surprised that they had missed and they were pleased that we were able to bring the errors to their attention.

Describe a time you had to problem solve for a client.

Sohpie Xiong: One project required that ACDi produce a complex, rigid-flex printed circuit board (PCB) assembly with a super quick turnaround time. I worked with the client, our design team, and the board house to find the best solution for this special PCB. Together we solved a number of technical difficulties and, in a very pressing time frame, were able to get some long lead-time components and coordinate with the production team to meet the deadline and deliver a quality product.

Sophie Xiong attended Zhejiang University in China and later pursued a master’s degree from University of West Sydney in Australia. Her hobbies include traveling, cooking international cuisine, crocheting, knitting, and playing games with her children. “My best times are always playing with my 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son — especially ‘fair games’ to teach them to accept winning and losing gracefully,” Xiong explained. “I enjoy helping my daughter with her piano practice and hope that one day I can play a duet with her.”

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