Supply Chain

ACDi offers total supply chain management services to support any NPI or Production build requirement and solutions for OEMs looking for an electronic manufacturing outsourcing services partner. This includes turnkey procurement of board and mechanical level parts, safety stocking programs for critical parts, EOL/Obsolescence management, counterfeit component prevention programs and chip testing services.

ACDi Corporate Purchasing Power

  • We work with the vendors that support you
  • This three way partnership helps mitigate surprise, especially on NPI product.

NPI Purchases

  • Fast and flexible purchasing team
  • During quoting, the Bills of Materials are scrubbed and processed as if we have the order
  • Quick procurement release- ACDi can release the order for acquisition within 24 hours
  • MRP updated daily- fast reaction to demands for procurement
  • Project Managers release orders for critical components and PCBs ‘same day’

ACDi Common Materials Inventory Benefits

  •  Customer’s can authorize the use of common stock
  •  Reduces total liability for excess material
  •  Speeds up procurement process by reducing number of line items necessary to procure ‘outside’

MRP Sharing with Key Suppliers

ACDi maintains an MRP share for volume production and common components with its key electronic suppliers. These suppliers receive a weekly report of our MRP and plan their delivery and material bonds accordingly. Benefits include:

  • Automatic shipment of material requirements within the release window insure these materials arrive on time for manufacture.
  • Some of our customer’s BOMs will have nearly 80% of their material planned in this MRP share program.
  • Bi-weekly red-flag reports from these suppliers inform ACDi of any potential disruptions to the supply chain.

Conflict Minerals Policy

ACDi is sensitive to the human rights issues associated with the supply of “conflict minerals”, and supports the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reporting and disclosure requirements directed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.  ACDI is exempt from SEC reporting as we are a private organization; however we abide by the ruling and support global human rights. For more information click here.

Counterfeit Prevention Program

ACDi protects their supply chain from counterfeit parts and products by holding our Authorized Manufacturers and Suppliers to strict standards and avoidance.  ACDI’s procurement of parts and supply chain management are designed to adhere to the Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation and Disposition Standard SAE AS5553.