Working with ACDi: FAQs

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ACDi manufacturing plant and people

As you search for an electronics manufacturing partner, it’s important to ask questions about the services they offer, their particular processes, and how they work with their clients. To find the perfect fit for what you need, we’ve compiled a list of top questions and answers to help you determine if ACDi is the right fit for your electronics manufacturing project.

What services does ACDi offer?

We offer a full range of electronics engineering and manufacturing services including printed circuit board layout and assembly, product engineering support, product lifestyle management, rework services, and much more. You can browse a full list of our services here.

Where are you manufacturing facilities located?

ACDi is headquartered in Frederick, MD with a second manufacturing facility located in Nashville, NC. Combined, we offer ~82,000 square feet of manufacturing space for set up and staging, storage, assembly, testing, inspection, and shipping and receiving. You can learn more about each of these locations here.

Can I tour the manufacturing facilities?

Absolutely! We welcome you to make an appointment to come tour our facilities. To tour our Frederick, MD facility, call 301-363-4182. To tour the Nashville, NC facility, call 252-462-4700.

What is the process for developing and building a product?

After you contact us, we will have an initial meeting to determine if our services can meet your current needs. Then, we’ll complete an NDA in order to protect your intellectual property, and prepare a quote for you to review. From there, you’ll issue a purchase order and be assigned a program manager to walk you through each step of development. Once the product is built and tested, it will be shipped to you or your customer.

What is your customer service like?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Throughout the entire development and testing process, you’ll be assigned a program manager who will be your main point of contact.

Can ACDi help with prototype design?

Yes, our on-site engineers can assist with reverse engineering, design, layouts, testing, and building prototypes, including electrical, mechanical and firmware.

What is the minimum prototype run?

Just one! We’ll give you options for the most cost-effective first run, even if it’s just one. We can create just as many as you need.

What is the average lead time?

Lead times depend mostly upon the time it takes to source materials. Once we’re able to receive all the necessary materials, it typically takes 2-3 weeks. For layout only, it takes about 1-2 weeks. All of the lead times for your specific project will be clearly outlined in your quote.

I already have some of the materials needed to build my board. Can you use them?

Definitely—we’re happy to use any materials you may already have. In a turnkey project, we source, purchase, and use all new materials. In a hybrid project, we will use some of your existing materials as well as materials we have sourced. In a consignment project, we use only materials that you have provided. Each of these types of projects are accounted for and outlined in your quote.

Do you offer compliance testing?

ACDi supports the testing of products that we have designed and developed through a test lab.

What files/resources will I need to provide?

Any files you can provide to us are helpful. We typically ask for a range of files that may include Gerber files, a BOM with manufacturer and part numbers, fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, and panel/array drawings. We also ask for a number of specifications including ITAR or non-ITAR specification, RoHS or non-RoHS specification, IPC class 2 or class 3 specification, CAD database output file, turn key or labor only specification, quantity specification, test requirement specification, wash preference specification, and a reference or sample board if available.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we warrant that products assembled or customized by us will meet your specifications. This includes a 120-day warranty for turnkey builds and a 60-day warranty for consignment builds. Our full terms and conditions can be found here.

Can you ship directly to my customers?

Yes, we are able to ship your order directly to your customer, if you choose.

Are you RoHS compliant?

Yes, we are equipped for RoHS compliance, with separate machines and processes for RoHS and non-RoHS projects.

Can you manage my bill of materials for obsolescence and supply chain disruption?

At ACDi, we will monitor your BOM for parts that may become obsolete or are in short supply. In the case of an obsolete part, we can redesign a product. If a part is in short supply, we can be sure to order as many as you may need in advance.

How can I reach out?

You can contact us online through our website here and someone from our team will give you a call, or you can call us directly at 301-363-4182.

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