Maximize ROI with ACDi’s Electronics Manufacturing Solutions

Ready to maximize your ROI and improve time to market? Click to read the details on how ACDi’s EMS helped to do exactly that for one of our clients.


“ACDi has been a pleasure to work with on this project.” said Richard, the Director of Engineering, “Their level of support was above and beyond what you normally find. ACDi was instrumental in getting us through the entire UL process.”

In this project, ACDi used their EMS to create a highly capable event monitoring device for use in elevator and escalator systems. Not only does it monitor seismic events, but its added capability also allows for the addition of remote and auxiliary sensors.

ACDi offers full product lifecycle management solutions. From procurement and assembly to complete end-user order fulfillment, ACDi project managers manage complete solutions for supply chain and inventory management. Our project managers partner with your team early in the pre-production phase, providing resolution to end-of-life/obsolescence concerns as well as pre-order options to mitigate lead-time issues and prevent delays in time-to-market. Ready to get your free consultation? Click here now or give us a call at (301) 620-0900.