Our Services

We believe our value is in offering clients support and professional guidance for all aspects of their electronic product, from concept to production. Our in-house design staff can provide DFM and DFA analysis essential for the creation of your design. In conjunction with one another, our design and manufacturing teams have developed an internal set of DFM/DFA guidelines to ensure your ideas flow seamlessly through to the production phase.

ACDi’s in-house test and integration team assists in moving product validation further up the supply chain.  The earlier involvement from our test and integration department assists in quality product reaching the end user.

Our inventory management program maximizes supply chain efficiencies and costs. We work very closely with our key suppliers to foresee and avoid possible disruptions in the production process. ACDi’s goal is to offer our clients all services necessary to support their electronics product!  If you have additional questions or would like to learn more, click on the links below or please contact us!